Echigo no Mukashibanashi: Attaten Ganoo

Echigo no Mukashibanashi: Attaten Ganoo photo
Type ova
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 30
Air Date -0001-11-30
End Date -0001-11-30
Genres demons horror kids

<p>A collection of four folk tales from Koshiji (from 2005, part of Nagaoka), Niigata prefecture (Echigo is the old name of Niigata).</p><p>Episode 1: The Azuki Mochi and the Frog</p><p>A mean old woman tells an azuki mochi to turn into a frog, if her daughter-in-law wants to eat it. The daughter-in-law hears this, and...</p><p>Episode 2: Satori</p><p>A woodcutter warms himself at the fire of deadwood, when a spirit in the form of an eyeball appears in front of him. The spirit guesses each of the woodcutter's thoughts right...</p><p>Episode 3: The Fox's Lantern</p><p>An old man, who got lost in the night streets, finds a lantern with a beautiful pattern, which was lost by a fox spirit. The next day, he returns it reluctantly, and what he sees...</p><p>Episode 4: The Three Paper Charms</p><p>An apprentice priest, who lost his way, accidentally puts up at the hut of the mountain witch. To avoid being eaten, he uses three paper charms to get back to the temple...</p><p>(Source: Official site)</p>

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