Divergence Eve 2: Misaki Chronicles

Divergence Eve 2: Misaki Chronicles photo
English title Misaki Chronicle: Divergence Eve
Japanese Title みさきクロニクル 〜ダイバージェンス・イヴ〜
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 24
Air Date 2004-01-03
End Date 2004-03-27
Producers Imagica KlockWorx
Producers Radix

<p>Through the long distance warp called the "Exodus Project", Worns, Ryer and the</p><p> other crew members of "Watchers Nest" manage to escape from the Earth. Misaki, who</p><p> was attending the final battle with "Ghoul" at that time, isn't present there and</p><p> before her eyes, the earth changes and gets enclosed by a time barrier.</p><p> Ryer and the others search for a way to escape from this space time maze, but the</p><p> earth changes to various forms. Innumerable "Nows" appear due to varying time axes. </p><p> And also Misaki, who should have disappeared because of the Exodus Project incident,</p><p> still afortiori. Before Ryer and the others, different forms of Misaki appear. The</p><p> Misaki from training school, the Misaki from her childhood days.</p><p> Are these reflections caused by the conflicts that exist inside Misaki?</p><p> She awakens a second time and when she derives the response, that history is leading</p><p> into a completely differnet direction now.</p><p> Will Misaki, Ryer and the others be able to find a real happy end?!</p><p> (Source: AnimeNfo)</p>

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