Chou Kidougai-ku: Kashiwa-no-Ha

Chou Kidougai-ku: Kashiwa-no-Ha photo
English title Puzzle & Dragons CM
Japanese Title 超機動街区 KASHIWA-NO-HA
Type ONA
Airing Status Airing
Air Date 2015-10-01
End Date 2016-01-24
Season fall 2015
Producers Rakuonsha, Yamato Works
Genres mecha


ーThe day the city had moved, our future began to move.ー
The year is 2018. Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Kashiwanoha Smart City. A family had come to the model room tour of the tower apartment in "Park City Kashiwanoha Campus The Gate Tower". With excellent facilities the family begins a new life in this city based on the environment. However, suddenly the after leaving, the ground shakes violently and a giant robot appears from where their tower apartment once stood. Or rather, their tower apartment has become a giant robot. The family is stunned. What the heck is happening in this town? What secret is hidden in this town?

(Source: Official YouTube channel, edited)

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