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Byulbyul Iyagi

Byulbyul Iyagi photo
Type Movie
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 12 min. per episode
Air Date Sep 23, 2005
Season summer 2005
Producers Chungeorahm Film


<p>Six animated shorts about discrimination and being different. </p><p> 1. "Daydream" talks about dealing with people with disability. It homes in on the daily life of a father with a daughter whose hands and feet are deformed. </p><p> 2. "Animal Farm" relies on the rough-and-ready feel of stop-motion clay animation to create a satire of bullying and mob dynamics. </p><p> 3. "At Her House" paints a devastating picture of gender inequality within a marriage. </p><p> 4. "Flesh and Bone" gently pillories superficiality and the obsession with outward appearance. </p><p> 5. "Bicycle Trip" focuses on the discrimination experienced by foreign workers in Korea.</p><p> 6. "Be a Human Being" looks at the way young Koreans are barely treated as human beings before they get to university. </p><p> (Source: ANIWEBLOG, ASIANDB, Jeonju)</p>

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