Bakukyuu Renpatsu! Super Bedaman

Bakukyuu Renpatsu! Super Bedaman photo
Type TV
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 40 min. per episode
Air Date Jan 4, 1999
Season summer 1999
Producers Xebec
Genres adventure game


<p>Tamago Tosaka is a fifth-grader who loves nothing more than a B-Daman battle. One day, Ganma Nishibe, a talented bead-warrior, is transferred to Tamago's school. Their B-Daman battles set the stage for this story. Beginning as rivals, the two come together to prepare for the B-Daman championships. The two boys come to trust and help one another as they work toward their shared goal.</p><p> (Source: d-rights)</p>

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