Bakujuu Gasshin Ziguru Hazeru

Bakujuu Gasshin Ziguru Hazeru photo
English title 爆獣合神ジグルハゼル
Japanese Title 爆獣合神ジグルハゼル
Type tv
Airing Status Finished Airing
Duration 2
Air Date 2013-04-06
End Date 2013-12-01
Producers Production Reed
Genres action mecha

The anime is based on MegaHouse's line of Ziguru Hazeru (literally, "Jiggle and Pop Out") mecha toys that allow people to remove parts from the joints and add different parts in their place. In addition, if one combines together Hazeru Gokuu, Hazeru Sagojo, and Hazeru Hakkai, the resulting mecha will be Hazeru Seioh, allowing for users to combine their toys together.

The ZIGURUHAZERU animated series is based on the upcoming original toy line of the same name from MegaHouse, featuring cool robot toys modelled after characters from the famous Journey to the West tale.

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